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Prof. Ibrahim Almofleh Award for GI service 2014

During the 13th  Conference of the Saudi Gastroenterology Association, On behalf of Dr. Majid Al Madi president of the association, Dr. Faisal Batwa grant Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Mefleh Award (may Allah have mercy on him) for Gastroenterology service 2014 professor Dr. Abdullah Saeed Al-Ghamdi.


It is worth mentioning that Prof. Al-Mofleh was born in Onaizah, Qassim Region, in 1943. After his primary and high school education in Riyadh, he was awarded a government scholarship in 1962 to study medicine in Germany. He did his postgraduate fellowship training in Internal Medicine after his graduation and then proceeded to specialize in gastroenterology and hepatology.

Prof. Al-Mofleh returned to Saudi Arabia in 1978 and was appointed as an Assistant Professor in the College of Medicine, King Saud University, and Consultant Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist in King Khaled University Hospital, a position he held until his untimely death in December, 2013.

Prof. Al-Mofleh had a distinguished and illustrious academic career. Active in research on various aspects of gastroenterology and hepatology, he published more than 100 papers in national and international scientific journals, some of these he presented at national and international gastroenterology meetings. He was eventually promoted to the rank of full professor at the King Saud University in 1992. In recognition of his research work, he was awarded the Golden Prize in research in 2010 by King Abdulaziz City of Science and Technology.

Prof. Al-Mofleh was a dedicated teacher who had the respect and admiration of his students, residents and fellows. It was therefore not surprising that he was given the "Best Teacher of the Year Award in 1997." He was also an excellent clinician, conscientious and meticulous and very caring of his patients who in turn held him in high esteem. He was well loved by his patients and their relatives who had a great deal of confidence in him.

His relation with his colleagues was exceptional and he was highly respected by his peers and juniors. He took a personal interest in their welfare and academic activities and he provided advice and support for further development of their careers.

Prof. Al-Mofleh made major contributions in medicine and gastroenterology particularly in Saudi Arabia. He was a co-founder of the Saudi Gastroenterology Association and was the president for ten years. He was also the Chief Editor of the Saudi Journal of Gastroenterology for many years.

Along with his colleagues, they established the Medical Education Unit in King Saud University, (the first of its kind in the Kingdom) and encouraged other medical colleges throughout the country to follow suit. His activities were not limited to the hospital and the classroom alone. He was instrumental in providing services in the community, giving lectures and distributing pamphlets on gastrointestinal diseases. 

He was disciplined, punctual to all activities, very respectful, and cordial in his relationship with all he came into contact with. He had a pleasant smile for everyone.

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